Our Area Of Expertise


Large corporate offices, meeting spaces and boutique offices.

Contract offices is the foundation of Noa offices and where we first secured our place as an industry leader. Our portfolio hosts a collection of optimized and essential designs for a new era in the workplace. For organizations, teams, and individuals, we’re here to create flexible, fluid environments ready to adapt to evolving goals and personal preferences.

Noa offices works closely with clients within the hospitality space to understand all wants and needs to ensure these are fully and creatively met. We aspire to bring  beautiful and functional hospitality design; and through our collection of international brands, we can help create personalized experience and a lasting memory for your customers.


Hotels, restaurants and cafes.


Schools, universities and training centres.

Noa offices is a firm believer of investing in the future. Whether this means providing comfortable, healthy environments for learning or inspiring new generations through striking, unique design. We are proud to supply innovative solutions to schools and universities across the nation.

Drawing from years of experience Noa offices recognizes the power of effective sociability, sense of community, and the operational and budgetary needs of outfitting public spaces. Our collection of furniture for public spaces combines the latest in ergonomics with design savviness to elevate both the space and user experience.

Public Space

Libraries, town halls, outdoor areas, museums, or places of worship.